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1. Sea Jumping
2. Go to Miami Beach
3. Have a flat stomach
4. Travel first class with my friends
5. Try cliff jumping
6. Go to the beach everyday
7. Move to a different country
8. Travel the world with my bff
9. Realize who my true friends are
10. Own a professional camera
11. Get my hair long
12. Get drunk
13. Own a Macbook
14. Get perfect tan
15. Have my makeup done by a professional
16. Have a twin sister
17. Own Jeffrey Campbell shoes
18. Get my license
19. Feel comfortable with my body
20. Go to a forest in fall
21. Grow old with someone I love
22. Have an organized walk-in wardrobe
23. Find someone who loves me as I am
24. Throw my first party
25. Hug my bff
26. Stand under the Hollywood sign
27. Get a car for my sweet sixteen
28. Smile more
29. Try chocolate fondue
30. Move to Los Angeles
31. Visit the walk of fame
32. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies
33. Dye my hair
34. Go to Paris with the one I love
35. Have my first kiss
36. Own an ice cream store
37. Become skinny
38. Kiss on the top of the Empire State building
39. Get my first tattoo
40. Overcome depression
41. Learn how to makeup
42. Go to an Abercrombie party with hot guys
43. Meet Justin Bieber
44. Own a lot of shorts
45. Spend Christmas at Disney
46. Go to London
47. Become a model
48. Go to Time’s square
49. Become professional in makeup
50. Marry Harry Styles
51. Marry Liam Payne
52. Marry Louis Tomlinson
53. Marry Zayn Malik
54. Marry Niall Horan
55. Own a lot of makeup
56. Bake cookies with the one I love
57. Join the cheerleaders
58. Go to a concert
59. Become a Victoria Secret’s angel
60. Kiss underwater
61. Own an apartment with my friends
62. Go on a shopping spree with my bff
63. Go on a no-budget shopping spree
64. Own a lot of makeup
65. Go around a mall with a shirt that says ‘life’ and hand people lemons
66. Meet Lionel Messi
67. Get in a taxi and yell ‘Follow that car!’
68. Have a water gun fight
69. Find a cure for Cancer
70. Get an infinity tattoo
71. Receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter
72. Find true friends
73. Lose fear
74. Help children in Africa
75. Have a ‘Harry Potter’ movie marathon
76. Go to Hogwarts
77. Stay at a 5 stars hotel
78. Live in a hotel with friends
79. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
80. Get a teddy from the machine
81. Go to Italy
82. Become at peace my myself
83. Own cool necklaces
84. Go on a no budget shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret.
85. Win a trophy
86. Go to Coachella
87. Throw a party like Project x
88. Buy mom a house next to clear water
89. Camp in the back of a pickup truck with the one I love
90. Have a bachelor party in Las Vegas
91. Help someone realize how important he is
92. Go on a no budget shopping spree at Forever 21
93. Stay awake for 24 hours straight
94. Go to Tomorrowland
95. Become a teacher
96. Throw a dart to a globe and travel wherever it lands
97. Cross out everything on my bucketlist
98. Have sex on the beach
99. Leave someone a fifty dollars tip
100. Get fit
101. Go a full without eating anything
102. Travel to all 7 continents
103. Have sex in the shower
104. Fall madly in love
105. Go on a road trip with the one I love
106. Go to Paris
107. Meet One Direction
108. Learn how to surf
109. Go skinny dipping
110. Get a rainbow rose
111. Go to Argentina
112. Swim with dolphins
113. Go skydiving with friends
114. Be on Pretty Little Liars
115. Act in a big movie
116. Call a group of girls ‘ya shower of cunts’
117. Have a summer romance
118. Make a difference
119. Go to a  beach party at night
120. Kiss an attractive stranger
121. Feel comfortable enough with myself to wear a bikini
122. Have sex in a car with a celebrity
123. Make out with Niall Horan
124. Stop biting my nails
125. Go to Bora Bora
126. Go to an aquapark
127. Make a twitcam with One Direction
128. Learn how to skate with the one I love
129. Have a band
130. Travel the world with my significant other
131. Have sex in a pool
132. Sleep in a trampoline
133. Make out with Zac Efron
134. Meet the Teen Wolf cast
135. Become popular
136. Have a mermaid tail
137. Learn how to play guitar with the one I love
138. Meet My Chemical Romance
139. Get good grades
140. Own many cars
141. Go to Venice
142. Meet a celebrity
143. Meet Demi Lovato
144. Go to Central Park zoo
145. Learn a new language
146. Tell someone my feelings and feel the same way
147. Kiss Gerard Way
148. Have a girls band
149. Live in a Pent House
150. Own a vacations home
151. Meet Tom Daley
152. Have a romantic walk at the beach
153. Have sex with one of the One Direction boys
154. Be in a music video
155. Spend a day with One Direction
156. Wear a beautiful wedding dress
157. Meet you
158. Go to the Olympics
159. Kiss Aston Merrygold
160. Have sex in the back of a car
161. Ride a limousine
162. Go to the Red Carpet
163. Become Tumblr famous
164. Make out with Andrew Garfield
165. Own a cupcakes store
166. Go to Rio de Janeiro
167. Have a huge birthday party
168. Go to Dubai
169. Write a song with Taylor Swift
170. Kiss under the fireworks
171. Meet Ariana Grande
172. Meet Julian Morris
173. Meet Beyonce
174. Meet Lady Gaga
175. Meet Rihanna
176. Have a perfect British accent
177. Go to Sydney
178. Go to Athens
179. Kiss in the snow
180. Spend Christmas in New York
181. Try vodka with gummy bears
182. Own a Polaroid camera
183. Go to a party like Project X
184. Find love this summer
185. Breathe in helium
186. Learn how to snowboard
187. Get matching tattoos with the one I love
188. Spend a whole day watching chick flicks
189. Go bungee jumping
190. Travel around the world
191. Kiss under the mistletoe
192. Have a winter romance
193. Own sparkly heels
194. Dance in the rain
195. Throw a drink at somebody’s face
196. Learn how to sing
197. Become a professional dancer
198. Learn French
199. Hold a ‘free hugs’ sign
200. Live in England
201. Meet the Spice Girls
202. Visit Iceland
203. Become a nail art professional
204. Have a walk in closet
205. Have sex with Adam Levine
206. Become a fashion designer
207. Visit Ground Zero
208. Go to Fiji
209. Go to an awards show
210. Kiss a dolphin
211. Adopt a puppy
212. Learn how to play piano
213. Learn how to play guitar
214. Spend Christmas in London
215. Decorate my room
216. Go to a ‘The Script’ concert
217. Go to a ‘Beyonce’ concert
218. Quit smoking
219. Go to a ‘Coldplay’ concert
220. Go to a ‘Maroon 5’ concert
221. Go to a ‘Simple Plan’ concert
222. Watch every ‘Saw’ movie
223. Own a lava lamp
224. Learn how to swim
225. Jump naked into a pool
226. Go speed dating
227. Go ice skating
228. Play Quidditch
229. Visit the Faroe Islands
230. Hug a puppy
231. Go to Chicago
232. Swim during night
233. Experience chairlifts
234. Jump fully clothed to a pool
235. Date a DJ
236. Meet Miranda Kerr
237. Date a model
238. Go to an infinity pool
239. Eat pasta in Italy
240. Find a true best friend
241. Eat pizza in Italy
242. Find the perfect little black dress
243. Party all night
244. Own cool rings
245. Meet the ‘American Horror Story’ cast
246. Meet Jack and Finn
247. Learn Spanish
248. Go shopping every day for one week
249. Learn how to draw
250. Have my new year’s kiss
251. Have a wild night with my friends
252. Have a romantic date under the stars
253. Meet the Janoskians
254. Spend New Year at Disney
255. Spend a night in an igloo
256. Spend New Year at Paris
257. Sleep in the beach
258. Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza
259. Visit Petra
260. Donate Blood
261. Visit the Big Ben
262. Ride the London eye
263. Get on well with my siblings
264. Get Hollister shorts
265. Kiss a stranger
266. Kiss like ‘The lady and the tramp’
267. Try sushi
268. Try Nutella
269. Go on a scavenger hunt
270. Try dulce de leche
271. Go to a ’30 seconds to Mars’ concert
272. Spend New Year at London
273. Swim under the stars
274. Take pictures at the beach
275. Visit Pixar studios
276. Visit Galapagos island
277. Surf in Miami
278. Date a British boy
289. Try Argentinian empanadas
280. Learn self-defense
281. Be part of a flashmob
282. Rock climb
283. Read all Harry Potter books
284. Receive a makeover
285. Play spin the bottle
286. Lose my virginity
287. Try vodka
288. Ride a zipline
289. Go to a drive-In movie
290. Take a picture of my outfit every day of the year
291. Have a boy best friend
293. Beat anorexia
294. Meet Louis Tomlinson
295. Meet Liam Payne
296. Meet Harry Styles
297. Meet Niall Horan
298. Meet Zayn Malik
299. Run across 9 de Julio avenue
300. Ride a horse in the beach
301. Get matching tattoos with my bff
302. Get married
303. Visit Australia
304. Visit Singapore
305. Shoot a gun
306. Try exotic food
307. Skydive
308. Have kids
309. Get cool sweaters
310. Be rich
311. Get married in Bora Bora
312. Meet Aurora and Erica
313. Meet All Time Low
314. Sleep under a bridge
315. Date a skater
316. Get a white ink tattoo
317. Learn how to play the ukulele
318.Watch the football world  cup final live
319. Spend  New Year in New York
320. See the northern lights
321. Get some uggs
322. Own cute bikinis
323. Win the lottery
324. Move to an island
325. Jump out of a plane
326. Marry my boyfriend
327. Go on a movie date
328. Eat Chinese food at the Chinese wall
330. Date one of the One Direction boys
331. Go camping
332. Meet Ed Sheeran
333. Go to the Norwegian Fjord
334. Get a text from my crush
335. Sleep under the stars
336. Meet Chris Colfer
337. Ride a Porsche Panamera
338. Kiss in the rain
339. Own a vineyard
340. Live with 144 cats
341. Read the complete works of Shakespeare
342. Learn Finnish
343. Fly first class
344. Win money in Las Vegas
345. Visit Finland
346. Meet an amazing girl
347. Meet an amazing guy
348. Own cool cases
349. Sing a duet with Demi Lovato
350. Date a boy in a band
351. Be a DJ at an event
352. Bury someone in the sand
353. Become a famous youtuber
354. Make a song with David Guetta
355. Meet Cara Delevigne
356. Meet Lana del Rey
357. Feel confident in a bikini
358. Swim in the Bahamas
359. Date a football player
360. Decorate my shorts
361. Date a soccer player
362. Jump into a waterfall
363. Buy a car
364. Work for a fashion magazine
365. Go to a spa resort
366. Go to a masquerade party
367. Visit Playboy mansion
368. Kiss under a waterfall
369. Pet a tiger
370. Eat a real krabby patty
371. Have the perfect wardrobe
372. Be myself
373. Have sex with Justin Bieber
374. Have sex with Niall Horan
375. Have sex with Harry Styles
376. Have sex with Louis Tomlinson
377. Have sex with Zayn Malik
388. Have sex with Liam Payne
389. Go to Scotland
390. Go to an Irish pub
391. Pet a turtle
392. Go on a date to the zoo
393. Drink wine in Italy
394. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
395. Cuddle by the fire
396. Compete in the Olympics
397. Have a snowball fight with the one I love
398. Hug a koala
399. Hold a baby monkey
400. Hug a baby panda
401. Learn Italian
402. Meet Kaya Scodelario
403. Visit all the Unesco world heritage sites
404. Tell my parents about my sexuality
405. Shop at the mall of America
406. Wake up at the beach
407. Own cute bustier tops
408. See Christina Perri live
409. Tryout for The X Factor
410. Stay in an ice hotel
411. Overcome depression and be happy again
412. Meet Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla
413. Meet Princess Victoria
414. Make varsity
415. Meet Dan Howell
416. Meet Alfie Deyes
417. Meet Caspar Lee
418. Learn german
419. Kiss in the movie theatre
420. Kiss at the library
421. Meet Phill Lester
422. Meet Sam Pepper
423. Meet Marcus Butler
424. Own a pair of Black Milk Leggings
425. Take cute pictures in a photobooth with the one I love
426. Stay at a hostel
427. Sing on stage
428. Spend summer holidays with my boyfriend
429. Sing Stereo Hearts with Niall Horan
430. Dance with Chachi Gonzales
431. Own Sequin clothes
432. Own a candy shop
433. Take Polaroid pictures with the one I love
434. Move to New York
435. Hug a baby cat
436. Own a fashion store
437. Meet my followers
438. Meet Lauren Conrad
439. Finish a Wreck This Journal
440. Tye dye a shirt
441. Make a crayon melt
442.Write a book
443. Meet Hanna Beth
444. Date any of the Janoskians members
445. Bake a rainbow cake
446. Get front row tickets to a concert
447. Move to Los Angeles
448. Go to a costume party
449. Meet Selena Gomez
450. Meet Jasmine Vilegas
451. Witness a wedding proposal
452. Adopt a lion cub
453. Wear a costume and hug random people
454. Stop being shy
455. Rope swing into water
456. Have sex with Eminem
457. Move out of my town
458. Marry my crush
459. Go to New York City with my friends
460. Go to a One Direction concert
461. Meet Mayday Parade
462. Start enjoying little things
463. Learn how to cook
464. Get my idol follow me on Twitter
465. Go to dancing classes
466. Own an iPhone
467. Visit Antartica
468. Move to Italy
469. Own Lita shoes
470. Put 2013 good memories in a jar
471. Move to Miami
472. Work at Forever 21
473. Fulfill all my 2013 resolutions
474. Become healthier
475. Make 2013 my best year
476. Visit all 50 states
477. Graduate
478. Own a Rolex watch
479. Have sex with Alan Ashby
480. Have sex with Kellin Quinn
481. Buy a homeless person a full meal
482. Go on a Disney date
483. Kiss my boy best friend
484. Live my dream
485. Meet Black Veil Brides
486. Express myself
487. Be money smart
488. Find love in Tomorrowland
489. Be pretty
490. Kiss on a trampoline
491. Meet Nicholas Hoult
492.Visit the Titanic with a submarine
493. Visit Machu Picchu
494. Appear on Mtv Cribs
495. Become a movie director
496. Tell my crush my feelings
497. Have sex with Nicholas Hoult
498. Get the tattoos and piercings I want
499. Meet Taylor Swift
500. Meet Nicki Minaj
501. Meet Katy Perry
502. Get drunk with my best friend
503. Get Ed Sheeran sing a song for me
504. Meet Emblem 3
505. Get matching clothes with the one I love
506. Go to all the Disney parks in the world
507. Get my nails long
508. Go on a road trip with friends
509. Be the One Less Lonely Girl at a Justin Bieber’s concert
510. Get drunk in an Irish pub
511. Visit Barcelona
512. Make a water balloon fight
513. Dance on a table
514. Own the Nicki Minaj perfume
515. Go on a safari
516. Spend a whole day cuddling
517. Date Logan Lerman
518. Meet Little Mix
519. Go on my phone less often
520. Meet Anne Hathaway
521. Travel the world without a destination
522. Meet Sleeping with Sirens
523. Move to Buenos Aires
524. Meet Cher Lloyd
525. Find someone who takes care of me
526. Stop being so afraid and start living instead
527. Have Serena Van Der Wooden closet
528. Dye my hair blonde
529. Meet Avicii
530. Get a bouquet of roses
531. Get as tan as I can
532. Name my child after a dead friend
533. Move to a big house
534. Buy a lot of makeup
535. Wake up happy
536. Stop procrastinating
537. Donate my hair to children with Cancer
538. Meet Julian Serrano
539. Travel in the Tardis
540. Visit Cinque Terre
541. Go to a Formula 1 Grand Prix
542. Have Selena Gomez body
543. Plan my best friend’s wedding
544. Go shopping with Eleanor Calder
545. Meet Bonnie Wright
546. Go running everyday
547. Have a legit picnic
548. Go to Sanrio store, meet Hello Kitty, and buy lots of things
549. Have my family present at my wedding
550. Have a paint war
551. Survive high school
552. Go into the wild
553. Make a world record
554. Visit Hong Kong
555. Meet Chris Brown
556. Move to Japan
557. Go to Carlo’s bake shop
558. Meet Joe Jonas
559. Dip dye my hair
560. Dance ‘Drops of Jupiter’ with the one I love
561. Try water rafting
562. Meet Nick Jonas
563. Go to the last concert of Swedish House Mafia
564. Learn how to paint
565. Have a movie marathon
566. Pass for both genders
567. Create my own perfume
568. Meet Azealia Banks
569. Go on top of a tall building and spit
570. Send a message in a bottle
571. Go to the Valentine’s dance with my crush
572. Smash a pie in someone’s face
573. Keep a journal
574. Own a log cabin near a river
575. Support my gay friend
576. Participate in a color run x
577. Meet my celebrity crush
578. Meet the Kardashians
579. Own a small farm
580. Create a successful webcomic
581. Be hugged from behind
582. Learn American sign language
583. Meet cute Irish boys
584. Stargaze on a roof
585. Get my dream body
586. Meet Danielle Peazer
587. Visit the Igloo Village
588. Have a gothic wedding
589. Become an animator
590. Go to Juliet’s house in Verona
591. Get my crush dedicate ‘She will be loved’ for me
592. Have an alternative style wedding
593. Get the courage to tell my family that I cut
594. Try butterbeer
595. Meet Kevin Jonas
596. Work at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
597. Find out who is A- in Pretty Little Liars
598. Have the courage to talk to him
599. Play Just Dance with One Direction
600. Lick Wesley Stromberg abs
601. Plant a tree
602. Go to Nando’s with Niall Horan
603. Have my hips pierced
604. Marry a marine
605. Wish summer was everyday
606. Stop feeling ugly
607. Meet Taemin
608. Make a secrets video
609. Visit Romania
610. Meet Ezra Miller
611. Find the perfect place to move in
612. Travel across Europe with friends

613. Own a Lolita outfit
614. Meet Pwediepie and Marzia
615. Go to Nando’s
616. Have a cute proposal
617. Take my mom on the vacations of her dreams
618. Meet Megan Fox
619. Meet Ilse Valfré
620. Enjoy my youth
621. Have sex with Alex Pettyfer
622. Visit Disneyland in Hong Kong
623. Meet the cast of Buckwild
624. Own a designer’s bag
625. Dance with mariachis
626. Visit Ocean Park
627. Visit the Big Buddha
628. Meet Nina Nesbitt
629. Try dippin dots
630. Lay in the sea shore with the one I love
631. Visit Yamaguchi
632. Read all the Hunger Games books
633. Go to Scotland with my bff
634. Go to Coco Chanel’s house
635. Try macarons
636. Try candy hearts for Valentine’s day
637. Play beer pong
638. Camp at the beach
639. Go to Denny’s
640. Drink milk from a coconut
641. Spend a day with Justin Bieber
642. Go to Aruba
643. Own an ice cream truck
644. Have the answer to all my problems
645. Support my lesbian friend
646. Touch Harry Styles hair
647. Meet Barack Obama
648. Have a guy give me a big bouquet of roses on Valentine’s day
649. Go on a hot air balloon
650. Meet Blake Bliss
651. Have a guy win a stuffed toy at a carnival for me
652. Lay at the four corners of the USA
653. Visit King’s cross station and go to Platform 9 and ¾
654. Go shopping with Leighton Meester
655. Meet Tinie Tempah
656. Go to Mexico
657. Go crazy at a party
658. Meet the Saturdays
659. Beat Bulimia
660. Go to Ihop
661. Visit Wembley Station
662. Tan on the roof
663. Play with sparklers
664. Learn the constellations
665. Get the guy I like to like me
666. Meet Austin Mahone
667. Feed a penguin
668. Make a snow angel
669. Go on a coffee date
670. Eat cupcakes
671. Go to a Cody Simpson’s concert
672. Tye dye my shorts
673. Own a minion toy
674. Meet Paul McCartney
675. Own all the Pink collection
676. Throw a slushie at somebody’s face
677. Meet Avril Lavigne
678. Go to a Justin Bieber’s concert
679. Fangirl with Tyler Oakley
680. Dye my hair red
681. Use a fake name at Starbucks
682. Addopt many puppies
683. Get my friend to stop cutting
684. Get on well with a teacher
685. Go on a road trip to each USA state
686. Kill a whore
687. Own a heart shaped ring
688. Meet Channing Tatum
689. Own a lot of bracelets
690. Be a vegetarian for a week
691. Touch Alex Pettyfer’s pecs
692. Meet Darren Criss
693. Change my haircut
694. Meet my hot neighbor
695. Travel abroad
696. Try all the m&m flavors
697. Be on The Vampire Diaries
698. Make the summer vacation bags
699. Buy my first own apartment
700. Eat less
701. Meet Austin Mahone
702. Have my own surf board
703. Go to Kentucky Fried Chicken
704. Meet Friends cast
705. Meet Wiz Khalifa
706. Kiss koala style
707. Meet Miley Cyrus
708. Take a bath by candle light
709. Wear color eye lenses
710. Build sand castles
711. Lick abs
712. Own Baker’s shoes
713. Be flirted by a cute guy
714. Have someone say ‘I love you’ to me on Valentine’s day
715. Have sex on Valentine’s day
716. Receive a tweet from Ariana Grande
717. Try Oreo cake
718. Meet the person I am going to marry
719. Give my bff a cake that says ‘Happy Birthday bitch’
720. Find a heart shaped stone
721. Find my style
722. Own a lot of cool t-shirts
723. Meet Drake
724. Learn how to walk in high heels
725. Meet Candice Swanepoel
726. Receive an infinity ring
727. Meet Jennifer Aniston
728. Work at Starbucks
729. Meet Kingsley
730. Sell homemade shorts
731. Read romantic novels
732. Meet Christopher Plummer
733. Work at Disney
734. Play messy Twister
735. Decorate my journal
736. Meet Julie Andrews
737. Stop drinking Coke
738. Meet Ian Somehalder
739. Serve homemade cookies at a tea party
740. Meet Liam Neeson
741. Try bubble tea
742. Meet John Green
743. Marry a prince
744. Meet Lil Wayne
745. Be able to love someone like the love me
746. Meet Marina and the diamonds
747. Be on a m&m commercial
748. Meet Muse
749. Become funnier
750. Meet Raven Symone
751. Fall in love in summer 2013
752. Meet Saoirse Ronan
753. Get something named after me
754. Meet Tokio Hotel
755. Learn how to make perfect braids
756. Meet Vincent Castronovo
757. Go to the beach with my family
758. Go to a Blink 182 concert
759. Meet Meryl Streep
760. Try Haribo gummy bears
761. Become a hair dresser
762. Dance with Danielle Peazer
763. Go to Dylan’s candy bar
764. Meet Chachi Gonzalez
765. Read all the Federico Moccia novels
766. Meet Union J
767. Have a piñata on my birthday
768. Meet Eleanor Calder
769. Hang out with the One Direction boys’ girlfriends
770. Meet Jennifer Lawrence
771. Date a surfer
772. Date an Irish boy
773. Eat with no regrets
774. Get 5/5 on Twitter
775. Go on a tour bus with my favorite band
776. Meet Bethany Noel
777. Learn how to play cello
778. Meet Conor Maynard
779. Own Supras
780. Spend a whole day at the beach with a cute stranger
781. Take a picture under the Las Vegas sign.
782. Beat overweight.
783. Climb Mount Olympus.
784. Cosplay

785. Meet Chris Kendall.
786. Date someone 10 years older than me.
787. Go to a Mcfly concert.
788. Go to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.
789. Meet Pj Liguori
790. Kiss someone with braces
791. Own Pastry shoes
792. Study the Greek Mythology
793. Meet Steven Moffat.
794. See The Killers live. 
795. Stretch my ears.
796. Kiss someone with braces.
797. Meet Bruno Mars.
798. Get my lips piercied. 
799. Try every drink at Starbucks.
800. Go to The Warped Tour.
801. Complete a scrapbook.
802. Get the hottest body for summer 2013.
803. Go on a yacht vacations with my best friend.
804. Party on a yacht.
805. Meet Skrillex
806. Tell Justin Bieber he is my lifesaver
807. Get tattooed by Kat Von D
808. Own a Range Rover
809. Celebrate my Sweet Sixteen
810. Move to a big house in Calabasas, California
811. Meet Kylie Jenner
812. Meet Kendall Jenner
813. Get a car for my 16th birthday
814. Win an Oscar
815. Bake Oreo cupcakes
816. Meet Sean O’Donell
817. Visit the Iguazú falls
818. Come out to my friends
819. Move to Oahu
820. Meet 5sos
821. Own a Celine handbag
822. Bake Easter cookies
823. Be in my best friend’s wedding
824. Get matching tattoos with my mother
825. Kiss at the beach

826. Move in together
827. Own more than a hundred pair of shoes
828. Have floating lanterns at my wedding
829. Meet Francisco Lachowski
830. Go to the beach everyday with my bff
831. Have a relationship like Lola and Kyle
832. Stay at an underwater hotel at Fiji
833. Get a henna tattoo
834. Go to Hawaii
845. Have a tidy room
846. Meet Anna Sophia Robb
847. Move to a house near the sea shore
848. Meet Leonardo Di Caprio
849. Be asked to prom with the one I love
850. Be the best wife to my husband
851. Get an UV tattoo
852. Get lost in a kiss
853. Be prom queen
854. Dye my hair turquoise
855. Go to a big house party
856. Go a full week only eating McDonalds
857. Get lost and travel with no direction
858. Go to a water park with all my friends
859. Have sex in a hot tub
860. Have an outdoor nighttime wedding
861. Kiss while exercising with the one I love
862. Move out
863. Own a pug
864. Own Victoria Secret’s bras
865. Play hide and seek in a shopping mall
866. Play Quidditch pong
867. Start my own family
868. Own cute training clothes
869. Try ectasy
870. Watch the sunset at the beach
871. Be the perfect husband to my wife.
872. Travel around California with my bff.

873. Become friends with my bff again.
874. Lose five pounds.
875. Own a beach house in California
876. Meet Damian McGrinty
877. Get my legs thinner
878. Own a candyfloss machine
879. Own Louboutin sheos
880. Be the cutest couple at high school
881. Live in the USA
882. Go to Paris with my mother
883. Make her fall in love with me
884. Make him fall in love with me
885. Meet Zoella
886. Cuddle on a rainy day
887. Complete a DIY.

Last update: April 1st 2013, 23:03 pm.